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After Adam reveals that he pays bills


iHeartRadio Album Release Party With Maroon 5 80/26


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Christina Grimmie having pizza in Los Angeles [08/11]


"Just because a person changes their hair, or changes their clothes, or changes their shoes that doesn’t mean that they changed as a person" - Christina Grimmie

Is the GIF you posted called "this video is gold" on YouTube?
treetoplevel What do you want?

YES, here! Enjoy because it is gold XD

Hey, where did that gifset with Christina dancing in the striped dress come from? Thanks!
wafflewatson What do you want?

2:22 Idol Bloopers! - The Road Show Live Tour 2012 :’)

What do you think about Christina's new haircut?
Anonymous What do you want?

I LOVED IT! She looks incredibly gorgeous <3 How about you? Did you like it? :)


musician who on occasion dances poorly