Grimmie Closet Grimmie Icons



Icons from the 1st live x

Please, give the credits to @CowsOfGrimmie. | Requests? Just ask.



I love this photoshoot, I love the “Find Me” phase <3 and I also love this sweater ♥

She wore this in a photoshoot - for Find Me - and also in an interview for MTV in 2011.

You can buy this only on:

Nasty Gal for $40.60

If you want to know where Christina purchased a specific item/clothes/acessory, please send me an ask!


Well.. what can I say about Adam’s reactions? XD


Please do more Grimmie Icons! I LOVE them!!! Grimmie Closet is the coolest idea ever, please do more! This is my favorite Grimmie account<3
Anonymous What do you want?

omg, thank you so much, this definitely made my day! i’ll post more icons soon and i’m really glad you liked the Grimmie Closet! :D I’ll post more soon too. 

Thank you so much ♥